Duko’s urgent dental work

Sweet Duko was taken into the loving care of owner Denise after being surrendered by his previous owner when they became homeless.

When we first took Duko in we were not given any information on his health. We kept asking the previous owner but didn’t receive an answer. Finally, we got him signed over at his vet and we found out that he has a past of seizures and his teeth were also in bad shape.

Denise, Duko’s guardian

Duko needed 14 teeth removing, along with blood work and x-rays.

These procedures cost $1,300 and left me struggling financially with other things, but he was better which made it worth it.

This July, Denise noticed a swelling on Duko’s jaw and he started getting a fever so she took him back to the vet. The vet found that Duko had an infection on his back tooth and had a few other loose teeth that would need to come out. He also needed his blood work taken again and x-rays after the extractions to ensure there were no further complications.

Even though he shows signs of tooth pain he is still such a sweetheart. He loves my two girls so much; he sees them as his pups. Being a single mom it’s been tough to save any kind of money. I am on disability assistance, but I do work a part time job two or three times a week. Duko really is a part of the family and we love him so much.

Denise and her daughters provided a loving home for Duko when he needed it most, and now they are trying to give him the very best life. That’s why they reached out to VHS for help from our McVitie Fund.

Could you make a contribution to help pay for Duko’s urgent dental work?