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Larry’s Market: the new vegetarian grocery store with a mission to provide “Healthy Food Conveniently”

Larry’s Market owner Ryan Dennis has brought in chef Haley Parrent to prepare menus for specific dietary needs. Photo by Mike Wakefield/North Shore News 

Since opening it’s doors this July, vegetarian grocery store Larry’s Market, located at North Vancouver Shipyards, has been a big hit with Vancouverites looking to buy healthy food, conveniently!  VHS asked Ryan Dennis, the owner of Larry’s Market, what inspired his new venture, after spending the past 25 years in the grocery industry, before deciding to open his own store. 

What inspired the opening of Larry’s Market?

My wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2017.  We had to make some decisions on what healthy eating looked like for our family after this health scare.  After researching, we decided that a plant-based diet was the way to go.  We weren’t able to find a lot of options in grocery stores, so we decided we would create an option.  We are happy we did and now we successfully serve North Vancouver’s Shipyards District with Vegetarian groceries, coffee and grab and go restaurant food.  My wife is now healthy and is helping me run Larry’s Market.

Why do you think it’s a good time to open a plant-based business?  

We feel that communities are shifting to more plant-based diets.  People are eating less meat and seafood.  The timing is great because people are being educated by the many documentaries and reports that are continually being released that support plant-based diets.

What demographics will you be targeting? 

The demographic is all across the board.  We are seeing young people that are educating themselves and retired folks that are looking for “food as thy medicine”.  The professionals that are on the go and looking for a convenient meal are returning for their favourite salad, sandwich or pizza daily.

What has the response been so far from Vancouver consumers?

Vancouver has accepted us very well.  We are seeing people from all over the Lower Mainland that are making us a destination.  People are always asking us to expand to their neighbourhood so they don’t have to drive over to the North Shore.

Everything in your store is vegetarian or vegan, how will you win over carnivores?

Our store is all vegetarian and our menu is over 75% vegan.  We are accepting of all people.  We want to be the bridge between the vegan and the carnivore.  More people are looking to decrease the amount of meat they eat and we want them at Larry’s. 

What challenges do you think you will face?

Most commonly asked question at Larry’s Market.  How do I get enough protein?  We answer with the solutions that we have in store that have been designed to increase the amount of protein that a person gets in their diet.

What has been the biggest challenge in launching your business?

The biggest challenge in launching is providing the customer with different products than they can get in a regular supermarket.  The product range that we are building is very unique and we continuously get people telling us our products are very cool and unique.

Do you think the market for plant-based food will continue to grow?

We know that the market will continue to grow.  We know that this isn’t a trend it is a way of life that more and more people are taking on.  On the daily we have people coming in saying that they have just started their new plant-based way of life.

What’s on the menu in your store? 

Our store is famous for our salads.  We have teamed up with Brian Skinner, famous for the Acorn Restaurant and now in Kelowna for Frankie we Salute you, to get recipes that are amazing and taste great.  Vegetarian Pizza’s are unique and our best seller is our Spicy Cauliflower pizza.  Sandwiches are led by our Chickpea Tuna which outsells our other sandwiches by quite a bit.

If Larry’s Market North Vancouver is a success would you consider expanding to more locations?

We will be expanding Larry’s in the near future.  Stay tuned.

Larry’s Market is located at: 140-125 Victoria Ship Way, BC V7L 0G5
(604) 999-0998




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Help us build a kinder community for animals on Giving Tuesday!

The Vancouver Humane Society and The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary are partnering to raise funds to help animals now and in the future.

Every year in Canada, more than 800 million animals are raised on cruel factory farms before they are sent for slaughter. They suffer from confinement and from being denied the chance to live and behave naturally.  Yet science has shown that each animal, just like your pet cat or dog, has his or her own unique personality. That’s why we say every animal is someone, not something.

This year, on Giving Tuesday, December 3rd, we are again partnering with The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary to make life better for farmed animals.  Giving Tuesday is the annual opportunity to put your dollars toward a cause that’s near and dear to your heart – this year, we hope you’ll make it the plight of animals on factory farms.  All donations will be split between both charities.

At VHS, we work year-round to draw public and media attention to the treatment of farmed animals. Our Go Veg campaign encourages people to try a plant-based diet, which reduces the demand that drives factory farming. We’ve recently launched our new Plant-Based Plates initiative which builds on the success of our Meatless Monday project. Our programs have helped institutions rethink the role of plants on the plate and improve access to climate-friendly, healthy and humane options on menus. Through menu planning and culinary support, we assist institutions, such as schools, businesses and healthcare providers, in incorporating new and trendy plant-based dishes that help them meet client demand and reflect their commitment to protecting the planet, public health and animal welfare.  And our rodeo campaign is exposing cruelty and showing that “livestock” are not just commodities to be brutalized for entertainment, but sentient animals capable of feeling physical and emotional pain.

Our partners at The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary have shown how rescued farmed animals, free of cruelty and confinement, can flourish as individuals. The sanctuary provides a forever home for all types of animals where they can live out their entire lives in a beautiful, natural setting where they are treated with kindness and respect. Visiting Happy Herd and meeting the animals can be a life-changing experience. You will quickly see them as “friends, not food.”

On December 3rd (and before!), you can donate directly to our joint appeal, but you can also help by supporting the generous (and cruelty-free) local businesses who are partnering with VHS and Happy Herd. On Giving Tuesday, they will be launching a variety of special offers and promotions, all raising funds to help us help animals.  Watch our website and social media channels for updates as we get closer to December 3rd– or sign up for our action alerts.

Giving Tuesday is your chance to make life better for farmed animals.  Don’t miss it!


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The McVitie Fund save lives!

Meet Noah

Noah found his way into the home and heart of his current guardian nearly four years ago, after his previous family no longer wanted to care for him. His guardian describes him as a wonderful companion who brings her so much joy every day.

Back in 2017 Noah developed a tumour in his mouth, along with an ear infection and hot spots. His caregiver took him to the vet, but as a pensioner on disability her funds were limited.

Thanks to the McVitie Fund, VHS was able to step in to help and Noah underwent surgery to remove the tumour and receive medications to treat his ear infection and hot spots.

He’s since recovered and his guardian is grateful for the assistance she received in a time of need.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we are able to continue helping animals like Noah. Since the start of 2019 we’ve helped over 30 animals in need of veterinary assistance, whether that be through spay and neuters, emergency dental work, x-rays or even surgery!

Unfortunately there are very few options available for low-income guardians in emergencies. That’s why the McVitie Fund aims to keep beloved animals in their forever home instead of being surrendered to over-burdened shelters or unnecessarily euthanized.

Click here to find out more about the McVitie Fund and read more heartwarming stories of the animals we’ve helped thanks to donations from our supporters! 

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You can become a Humane Hero!

You have the opportunity to be part of a special group of animal heroes who, through regular monthly gifts, help Vancouver Humane access stable, long-term funding for animals in need. Monthly donations are a simple, cost-effective way to make regular contributions in support of our work to expose animal abuse and assist individuals, businesses and governments to end animal suffering, cruelty and exploitation.

Here are some of the benefits of monthly giving:

It’s affordable

You can contribute with a customizable monthly payment that suits you. Monthly giving is easy and convenient for you. Your gift will be automatically made through your bank account or credit card or online through Canada Helps.

It’s flexible

Monthly gifts are easy to change, cancel, or temporarily suspend if your situation changes.

You’re helping the environment

Donating on a monthly basis is better for the environment as it reduces the amount of mail sent to and from you and VHS. You will receive a consolidated tax receipt for your gifts at the end of every year.

Most importantly, it’s effective!

By lowering the administration costs, more of your donation goes directly towards helping animals. Your monthly donation gives us the ability to plan ahead for the future as well as helping animals today. As a monthly donor, you can choose to direct your donations to a specific campaign such as Go Veg, Rodeo or our McVitie Fund, which helps sick or injured animals in need, or you can donate to our general fund and your gift will provide support where the need is greatest.

You can become a monthly donor online through Canada Helps. Simply click here to be redirected to our page.

To become a monthly donor by credit card or direct debit, please email or call the office at 604-266-9744.

Thank you for helping us help the animals that need us most!

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McVitie Fund success!

We are so grateful to all of our supporters for donating to the McVitie Fund over the past year. Thanks to your support we raised a total of $20,409 which we’re delighted to say has been matched by a generous anonymous donor! That means we’ve received a total of $40,818 to help sick and injured animals in need.  

On average, our veterinary bills amount to over $40,000 per year and as we receive no government funding, we really do rely on our generous donors.

Thanks to our supporters, in the past year alone we have helped over 70 animals in need. Animals like Millie, a seven-year-old female tabby, who was diagnosed with cancer and required surgery to remove one of her ears. 

Milly’s guardian reached out to us for financial assistance and thanks to the money raised through our McVitie Fund, we were able to help. Milly’s operation went well and she is now in recovery. 

We receive several phone calls a week from worried guardians asking us for financial help. Unfortunately there are very few options available for low-income guardians in emergencies, that’s where our McVitie Fund comes in. The McVitie Fund aims to keep beloved animals in their forever home instead of being surrendered to over-burdened shelters or unnecessarily euthanized.

We’re so pleased to announce that our generous anonymous donor has agreed again to match all donations, up to a total of $25,000, received towards the McVitie Fund from May 1st 2019 – April 30th 2020. Please help save a life today by contributing to the McVitie Fund!

You can donate to help animals and your donation will be doubled through our challenge grant!

On behalf of animals like Brandy, thank you!
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Five ways you can support Vancouver Humane!

Vancouver Humane receives no government funding and therefore we rely on donations from supporters like you. Your donation, however large or small makes a real difference to our work for animals. Here are just five ways that you can support us throughout the year.

Free Wills Month

Are you an animal lover aged 55 or over? Starting May 1, you have a unique opportunity to make a new will or revise your current will, for free! We are participating in a campaign that allows you to provide for your loved ones and make a significant contribution to charity, if you choose to do so. There is absolutely no obligation to include a charity in order to participate, however, it’s our hope that you might use this opportunity to let your love of animals live on by helping us to continue our work.

You can contact one of the law firms listed on the website anytime during May to request an appointment. And although the campaign runs from May 1 to May 31, your will does not need to be completed in that time frame. To find out more information, please visit the Free Wills website.


Donating to Vancouver Humane just got a whole lot eco-friendlier! We’ve registered with Return-It, meaning every time you return your recyclable beverage containers to a Return-it depot, you can choose to donate your proceeds to us!

Find your local depot and a list of recyclable containers on the website. Bag up your items in blue or clear recycling bags, which can be purchased at most grocers, drug and hardware stores. There’s no need to sort your containers.

When it comes to returning your recyclables, simply enter our account number 604 266 9744 (the same as our telephone number) on the checkout screen at your depot and select how many bags you have to recycle. A bar coded sticker will be printed, which you can add to your bag.

Once Return-it has processed your bags, the funds raised from your recyclables will be donated directly to our Vancouver Humane account.

Fundraise for us

You can fundraise for us by hosting an event at your school, work place or even just at home! Hold a vegan bake sale or dinner party or get active with a sponsored walk or run.

Do you have a Birthday or special occasion coming up? Why not ask friends and family to donate to us in honour of your special occasion!

We’re also looking for support from local businesses. Place a Vancouver Humane coin box at your checkout, donate to us through your payroll or challenge your employer to match your donation to us.

Volunteer your time

Donating to Vancouver Humane doesn’t have to just be financially. Donate your time to us! We are always in need of volunteers for outreach, particularly for our Go Veg project. Click here to find out more and fill out an application.

Attend an event

We host and table at several events throughout the year. These are regularly updated on our website. Check back for updates on what’s happening.

For further information on any of these initiatives or for fundraising ideas and support, please call 604 266 9744 or email