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The McVitie Fund save lives!

Meet Noah

Noah found his way into the home and heart of his current guardian nearly four years ago, after his previous family no longer wanted to care for him. His guardian describes him as a wonderful companion who brings her so much joy every day.

Back in 2017 Noah developed a tumour in his mouth, along with an ear infection and hot spots. His caregiver took him to the vet, but as a pensioner on disability her funds were limited.

Thanks to the McVitie Fund, VHS was able to step in to help and Noah underwent surgery to remove the tumour and receive medications to treat his ear infection and hot spots.

He’s since recovered and his guardian is grateful for the assistance she received in a time of need.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we are able to continue helping animals like Noah. Since the start of 2019 we’ve helped over 30 animals in need of veterinary assistance, whether that be through spay and neuters, emergency dental work, x-rays or even surgery!

Unfortunately there are very few options available for low-income guardians in emergencies. That’s why the McVitie Fund aims to keep beloved animals in their forever home instead of being surrendered to over-burdened shelters or unnecessarily euthanized.

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