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Another rodeo, another spectacle of cruelty

080716 - Chilliwack, BC Chung Chow photo Chilliwack Rodeo Calf roping

This is what happened to animals at the Chilliwack rodeo

The past weekend, the annual Chilliwack Fair’s rodeo once again saw animals tormented for the sake of entertainment – graphically illustrated in the photos below. It’s the last full rodeo left in the Lower Mainland and we’d like to see it end.  If you agree, please let the Chilliwack Fair know by sending them a polite email at

VHS will be taking further actions in the coming weeks, including identifying sponsors.

Chilliwack Rodeo - Sunday


Chilliwack Rodeo


Chilliwack Rodeo


Chilliwack Rodeo - Sunday


Chilliwack Rodeo - Sunday


Chilliwack Rodeo - Sunday


Chilliwack Rodeo - Sunday


Chilliwack Rodeo - Sunday


Chilliwack Rodeo - Sunday


Chilliwack Rodeo - Sunday


28 replies on “Another rodeo, another spectacle of cruelty”

Cruelty is not entertainment. What is wrong with the people who like to see this ? Boycotting rodeos will make it part of our shameful history like the gladiators era.

I know someone from rodeo life & I still can’t see ANY justification for this barbaric atrocity that continues to harm animals in our time 2016 . It is truly perplexing to me that it continues. We have so far to go in protecting abuse towards animals, surely we can begin with it as “SPORT”!!!!!!!

If this is represent the old west. Perhaps one should bring back scalping. How many do you think would want to participate?

look at all those well cared for animals! amazing shots, love them! will attend and support every rodeo I can 🙂

Dam rights I was at the rodeo in the pens and with my wife that barrel races thoughts animals looked well taken care of

That is simply not true, as these events are done under time pressure. Even Temple Grandin acknowledges that rodeo calf-roping is nothing like the genuine ranch practice, which is done as gently as possible to avoid injury to the animal. Furthermore, events such as steer-wrestling and bull-riding have nothing to do with real ranching – they were invented for rodeo. In any case, it is unethical to subject animals to distress merely for the sake of entertainment.

Actually a lot of farms are run this way. You should actually visit one and squire some knowledge befor you write

Historically, Peter, neither was barrel racing. But as with many rodeo events, they began as a “I can do this better than you!”. But I do ask how would you handle a rank cow that just calves that would rather run over her calf killing it just to you into the ground because you need to check to make sure the calf has sucked and doesn’t have a navel infection or just to see what sex it is? What do you suggest ranchers do when they have a bull who needs doctoring and is so shorty and rank I you can’t get close to him?
I suggest that those that have concerns spend time on a real working ranch and NOT a dude ranch. Spend a year or two there and truly witness what really happens especially when you have rank animals.

Obviously, what may be a ranching necessity is completely different from causing animals distress or putting them at risk for the sake of entertainment.

These are some of the best cared for animals I have ever seen. Well cared for then then used for so much more. Now I want a steak

Well fed, healthy, happy cows!!! One weekend a year for them! Notice the protective gear on the steers heads? There nice clean eyes? Rodeo stock are some of the best cared for animals! Cattle are tough thick skinned animals!
Will support every rodeo i can!

Great photos! I love me some good ole rodeo. Come on people, how many of you that protest have ever ACTUALLY gone to a rodeo, behind the chutes and seen exactly what happens? On average, the work life of a rodeo stock animal is a total of under 5 min.

There is something very messed up with some humans that they find it entertaining to cause suffering and torment to any living being.

I notice how the posted pictures are very specific in their selection for maximum effect (propaganda) How about showing us the rest of the shots taken that were not used and maybe some of the animals in the pens showing how much feed and water they have and the care and attention they get.

This despicable practice must be ended…like yesterday. How is animal abuse entertainment? How can people watching not see the torture these animals are being put through? When I learned about the cruelty in rodeos, I decided I’d never go to one again. The media, the news all need to broadcast the inhumane treatment prior to any upcoming rodeo.

This is just disgraceful. These men need to think a bit more, and wonder what this is REALLY all about. Dominating animals? For what? Because it makes you seem more alpha male? We have moved on from the cave man days you know?

Here’s the thing these animals live better than millions of people all over the world and for a few seconds a day they work and yes it’s a rough and tumble job. But your family and friends play football,soccer they do motor sports and sky diving would you like us to boycott all rough sports for cruelty to people and how about professional sports should they be band as well. You need to understand that this is a way of life and a profession for many families what right do you have to have Rodeos band and wake up people what will this organization want to ban next having pets

I wonder if the Vancouver Humane Society noticed the top quality hay that is fed to the rodeo stock? Or the multiples of 40 lb feed sacks that were fed to the rodeo stock at feeding time? How about the fresh water troughs that had an assigned person to make sure they were full at all times during the day and night? These rodeo animals are very well taken care of, maybe the Vancouver Humane Society should take a look around at the private sector and how how some of those people do not care properly for the animals. Cowboys, farmers and Rodeo family treat their animals with the utmost respect and quality care.

I agree with you, Dale. It is unfortunate that there is such a misconception that has occurred regarding rodeos. What I don’t think people understand is how these animals are athletes in their own right and many of the bucking stock actually enjoy what they are doing. I know of many bucking bulls that are as gentle as kittens behind the chutes and when it is time for them to perform their job, they put on one hell of a performance.
I also agree with other statements that the photos have been adjusted to prove a point. One thing people need to remember, there are in fact three sides to every story and right now the VHS is only showing theirs. So that begs the question: where are the photos of the animals being cared for? Have any of you actually spent time time in the nitty gritty of truly professionally run rodeo or are you just going on what you have witnessed by the handful of rodeos that are, or in this case were, going on on the lower mainland? How many of you have actually ventured out of the urban areas you call home and truly witnessed how rodeo stock are cared for, or other farm animals for that matter? How long did it take for you to learn at milk did not come from the store shelf instead of a cow?
What a lot of people do not understand is that these there are fines and regulations for when a competitor “snaps” his/her rope during any timed event, no where in the photos does that show that it happened. Any competitor is fined heavily for any misconduct toward animals including their stock contractors animals not being taken care of. Great care and attention is given to theses animals, because again they are members of our families and they are athletes that need and deserve proper care and nutrition.
I personally believe that the SPCA and other animals rights activists have their place in our society, however I feel that once again people who have intended to do good have once again assumed and have gone over board with their accusations.
And I leave you with this story:
A few years ago, I was at on the island and there was a rodeo event that was taking place. The rodeo clown had pet silkie chickens, who were free ranged at home, that he used in his act. There was a SPCA/PETA supporter who saw that the clown’s chickens were in cages for their own safety. Appalled at what they had seen, the supporter let the chickens lose and immediately they were killed by dogs. Now who do you think was the one who was cruel in this situation?

You say that you “agree with other statements that the photos have been adjusted to prove a point.” The photos have not been “adjusted”. We sent a photographer to the rodeo, he took the pictures and we published them. They show exactly what happens to the animals. Every time we send a photographer to a rodeo we get the same results. Anyone can see the animals are in distress. It is as plain as day. It’s remarkable that some people can view these photos and pretend that the animals are not in distress. Cognitive dissonance or dishonesty are the only explanations.

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