Wizard needed some medical magic

Wizard and his brother, Snowy, are inseparable. Since joining their guardian’s family they have been valuable members and a source of all things cute. When they aren’t cuddling the afternoon away together, they can be found cleaning each other or play fighting out a typical sibling rivalry.

Wizard and Snowy bring so much joy to their family members – two young girls and their mother, who live on a very limited income. The two cats had recently seen the vet for vaccinations, microchipping and neuters – a necessary vet visit, but one that can be pricey when on a limited income. So it was especially unfortunate when Wizard managed to get out of the house soon afterward and was found limping in pain, bleeding and crying. It seemed he had been struck by a vehicle and his family rushed him to the emergency clinic.

The vet determined Wizard had a badly broken leg and required corrective surgery. The timing couldn’t have been worse, given the recent vet bill his guardian had just incurred. His family was determined to do everything they could for their beloved Wizard, but they needed help. This led them to reach out to VHS for assistance and thanks to our generous supporters, Wizard underwent the surgery he desperately needed and has since made a full recovery, with Snowy by his side.

Donations to our McVite Fund (which currently will be doubled thanks to a challenge grant!) help animals like Wizard. There are few options available for low-income guardians in emergencies and the McVitie Fund aims to keep beloved animals in their forever home instead of being surrendered to over-burdened shelters or unnecessarily euthanized. Please help save a life today by contributing to the McVitie Fund!