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A helpful tip for CBC Sports

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Rodeo animals are exposed to fear, pain and stress to make them perform.

That’s not sport.  That’s violence toward animals.

Please sign our petition asking CBC Sports to stop broadcasting rodeo cruelty at the Calgary Stampede.

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Please discontinue your coverage of the rodeo. I don’t like that the rodeo says it represents our western heritage when it certainly does not. Farmers and ranchers don’t regularly ride bulls, they don’t race chucks around barrels and most would not willingly put their livestock at risk the way the rodeo participants do.

Rodeos are spectacles of the abuse of innocent terrified animals! The CBC should not promote it.

I never understood why so many people agreed on inflicting so much damage to animals for the sake of having a good time. I know it involves the so called “culture and tradition”, but just by looking into those animals eyes, anyone with a heart would immediately understand that is not right

I am more than happy to sign this petition. I have always thought stampedes were horrible and full of abuse. They are right along there with the circus. Please, do not cover these games. Perhaps boycotting these shows will bring attention to this fact and finally allow the brutality to stop.

Just because it’s a tradition doesn’t mean it’s OK to continue. Stop this abuse. It isn’t entertainment.

This is downright abuse, if these Cowboys want to wrestle something to the ground in record time, I dare them to do this to each other. Now that would be fair game… not with innocent babies. ooohh cool cowboy..NOT.

The CBC coverage of vthis disgusting event is very uneven – emotional complaints from bystanders offset by PR strategies of how well the horses and other animals are treated befoe being subjected to torture. Does it matter that the horses are well-fed? That vets declare them to be healthy?
Albert Howard

Little boys thinking they’re proving themselves as men by abusing innocent animals…only thing you’re proving is what moronic cowards you really are!!!

Events like chuckwagon and calf roping say something about the Calgarians who tolerate this cruelty, and it’s not flattering. CBC’s coverage of such activity says a lot about CBC as well.

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