Meatless Monday is on the move!


The Meatless Monday movement continues to grow, as more Lower Mainland schools kick off Mondays with the “once a week, cut the meat” message.

To date, VHS has helped two major post-secondary institutions and one secondary school implement Meatless Monday and is currently working with several others to do the same.

Meatless Monday at Eric HamberWith encouragement from the Langara Environmental Club, Langara College and food service provider, Chartwells blazed the trail as the first Lower Mainland school to join Meatless Monday just over one year ago.

In that time, the cafeteria has been offering delicious menu options, with the most popular being veg Indian dishes and a butternut squash mac and cheese. Student response has been incredibly positive and the cafeteria has seen sales steadily increase!

Eric Hamber Secondary and food service provider, Canuel Caterers, enthusiastically embraced Meatless Monday with the introduction of a salad bar and other mouth-watering options like a chickpea curry rice bowl, pasta primavera, mushroom burgers and falafel wraps. Similar to Langara, the cafeteria has seen sales increase and the Environmental Club has played a pivotal role in the success of the school’s Meatless Monday program.

Most recently, the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Chartwells initiated a soft roll-out of Meatless Monday at their Burnaby campus, with the addition of menu items like soft tacos, meatless meatballs, pizza, veg curry and sweet and sour tofu.

Read more about VHS’s Meatless Monday program in recent coverage via the Vancouver Sun!

Every time we sit down to eat, we have the ability to stand up for animals, individual/public health and the environment. Participating in Meatless Monday is one simple and effective way of doing just that! To learn more or for help bringing Meatless Monday to your school, workplace or organization, contact VHS Program Coordinator, Emily Pickett. Don’t forget to take the Meatless Monday pledge to receive a weekly meatless recipe!

For more actions to help animals support our Go Veg campaign.