VHS launches new podcast with series on animal cruelty

The Vancouver Humane Society is excited to announce the upcoming launch of The Informed Animal Ally, an animal ethics podcast sharing the ins and outs of topics like cruelty, legislation, and advocacy here in B.C. and across Canada!

In the first series of the show, Executive Director Amy Morris and Communications Director Chantelle Archambault will discuss the topic of animal cruelty, and in particular animal cruelty laws. The series will delve into how cruelty laws impact animals of different species, including companion animals, farmed animals, fish, wildlife, and more.

You can subscribe to The Informed Animal Ally on your preferred podcast platform to be notified about new episodes. Listen to the first episode on May 31, then keep an eye out on the final Tuesday of each month for more episodes discussing animal cruelty, ethics, and protection.

Thank you for being an animal ally!