Media Release

Vancouver Humane Society to resume campaign against rodeo cruelty at Chilliwack Fair

Media release

September 18, 2017

Vancouver Humane Society to resume campaign against rodeo cruelty at Chilliwack Fair

Fair refuses to drop steer-wrestling and calf-roping from rodeo

Vancouver – The Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) will resume its campaign against animal cruelty at the Chilliwack Fair rodeo, following a decision by the Chilliwack Fair Board of Directors to retain steer-wrestling and calf-roping.

The Fair had stated in August that it would review the two events but today announced that it would only modify rules on how they are carried out, rather than cancel them.

“The rule changes will make no significant difference to animal welfare at the rodeo,” said VHS spokesperson Peter Fricker. “Terrified calves will still be roped and thrown to the ground and steers will still have their necks twisted until they are forced off their feet.”

Fricker said the rule changes do nothing to address the fact that animals are being subjected to fear, stress and pain for the sake of entertainment.

VHS will resume its campaign against the rodeo at next year’s Chilliwack Fair.  “We will redouble our efforts to bring public attention to the rodeo and we will raise concerns about additional events such as team-roping,” said Fricker.