Urgent Care

Urgent care for Zoey and Mabel

Donate toward Zoey and Mabel’s care

Can you donate to the McVitie Fund this holiday season to help Zoey and Mabel get the urgent care they need?

Zoey’s story 

Last week, Zoey’s guardian Michael reached out to the VHS for help. Zoey needed urgent surgery to treat a life-threatening pyometra infection. Thanks to kind donations toward the VHS’s McVitie fund, Zoey was able to get the care she needed; but sadly complications meant her journey was far from over. Now, Zoey needs blood transfusions and intensive treatment to make a full recovery.

Michael now needs help to pay for the additional care Zoey will need, which is expected to cost around $3,000.

Mabel’s story

After a complicated start to their journey, Mabel and her brother Remy were lovingly welcomed into their new home by their guardian, Tanya. Tanya has since discovered that both Mabel and Remy have severe dental issues and Mabel also has stomatitis.

Tanya is going through a period of serious financial hardship and is doing everything she can for this sweet pair. She was able to pull together the resources to get them treatment and help Remy recover, but sadly Mabel has had more complex issues and still needs further care.

Tanya has reached out to the VHS for help paying for Mabel’s dental treatment, which is expected to cost around $2,300.

Can you donate this holiday season to help Zoey and Mabel come home safely?