Urgent Care

Urgent care for Ben E. Cat

Ben E.’s care has been funded!

Thanks to the generous help of donors, Mary-Jane was able to get treatment and testing for Ben E. Cat. He stayed for several days in the hospital with care including an IV drip to help him get stabilized. His test results revealed that he has diabetes, which can be managed long-term through diet and medication.

Mary-Jane has brought Ben E. home and has a care plan in place with the vet to keep his diabetes under control from now on.

Ben E. Cat’s legs have suddenly given out and he needs help!

Ben E.’s guardian, Mary-Jane, was shaken and confused when she saw he was suddenly having trouble walking and lying in his own urine. She immediately brought him to the vet for an exam, which is all she can afford as a senior on her very limited income.
The vet told her that the problem is likely related to neurological issues, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or physical problems with his legs. Ben E. will need to be hospitalized, monitored, and tested to stabilize him and determine the cause of his serious symptoms.
Mary-Jane does not have the funds to cover these unexpected veterinary bills. She took in Ben E. last year from another resident in her senior’s building who could no longer care for him. Since then, she has helped him make great strides with his weight, confidence, and communication. She says that Ben E. has also greatly improved her quality of life.
“I love him more than I can express and feel that we are two seniors that truly needed each other. Providing for him has been a challenge on my very limited income, but I do not begrudge it at all. I will go without, if possible, to take care of him.”
Mary-Jane reached out for help to get Ben E. Cat well again. Can you donate today toward his care?

Your gift will make double the difference! An anonymous donor is currently matching all donations made toward the McVitie Fund, up to $25,000.