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Tell A&W to go cage-free!

Hens in “enriched” cages.


Sign our petition asking A&W Restaurants to stop using eggs from caged hens

Update: More actions you can take 


Canadians are familiar with A&W Restaurants’ TV commercials boasting about the company’s vegetarian feed for chickens, but does the company actually care about chickens?  When you realize that A&W uses eggs from hens kept in battery cages and in so-called “enriched cages”, it appears the answer is clearly not very much.

What’s worse, the company appears to have no intention of moving to cage-free eggs, as many food companies are now doing.  We’re calling on A&W to follow the lead of companies like McDonald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Nestle, General Mills and others, who have announced they are switching to cage-free eggs.

On its website, A&W says that “all of our hens will live in enriched housing by the end of 2016.” However, scientific evidence shows that, in welfare terms, a cage is still a cage, enriched or not, and that the birds will continue to suffer. The space and facilities provided in enriched cages are so inadequate that they deprive the birds of the ability to engage in natural behaviours, leading to frustration, suffering and body degeneration.

VHS’s ChickenOUT! campaign has helped educate consumers about the animal welfare problems created by keeping hens in cages – B.C. has the highest cage-free egg production of any province (17% compared to a national average of 3%).  (Our message has always been:  If you eat eggs please buy certified organic eggs, as they are guaranteed cage-free and have the highest welfare standards. Going egg free is the best option – it’s cruelty-free and alternatives to eggs in baking are widely available.)

Consumers need to let A&W know that enriched cages are still cages.

Sign our petition calling on A&W to do the right thing and switch to cage-free egg suppliers.

Latest: See our article in the Huffington Post!

37 replies on “Tell A&W to go cage-free!”

Please have free run hens. On pasture is best. These cages are still cruel no matter what names you give them.

Every animal deserves a healthy happy environment. Look at a free range chicken and one in a cage and you tell me which one is healthy. Which egg would you prefer for your family.

A&W. Please continue to be progressive. Your customers want humane food. In the long run. Healthy food chain equals healthy people. Be a leader. No animal needs to suffer unnecessarily. All creatures deserve as close to natural life as possible.

Animals will continue to suffer as long as humans continue to eat their dead bodies and their secretions. Don’t buy the humane lie.

I know you brag about fresh eggs. This is wrong. These are creatures who want to feel the sun, earth under their feet. Breath fresh air. What makes us evil to the point we That we deny all of this their whole life when we couldn’t handle it for a week. Have compassion. Please.

We the consumers have power. The power to boycott A and W and spread the word until this practise is stopped. Please spread the word.

A & W commercials about their chicken products and their breakfasts which include eggs, show boastful info on how healthy and economical their meals are; yet, the reality is the chickens are treated deplorably; chickens have emotions, anyone who has owned chickens knows this, and experience pain; do the chickens a favor and get rid of those metal cages; animals deserve space, clean, and humane living conditions

As someone who ate A&W everyday because you claim quality of food, but now I know you restrict quality of life of your animals… I will no longer buy so much as a coffee from A&W until this is resolved. Absolutely dissapointing!

Please be progressive, chicken living in a no cage environment are happier and deliver more eggs .. please please use these types of eggs. and chickens.. think of your customers as you always do and implement this one thing we are asking of you..

I cant be a hypocrite say I hate caging animals then eat at A and W. No loss.
Wont go there have better places to eat.

Enriched housing is better than nothing. At least it is a step in the right direction.

…I just dont want to pay $6 for a bacon and egger.

Cage free is still extremely abusive. Nobody would ever accept packing dogs by the thousands into an ammonia filled warehouse, we wouldn’t accept keeping them in the lap of luxury and then killing them either.

Cage free only means no actual cages were used, it does not mean the animals are let outside at all. Free range is pretty much the same. It just means they packed them into a shed. Their beaks are still mutilated, they are still killed in horrific ways, and the male chicks are all killed at the hatchery, by suffocation or by being thrown into a grinder. This happens for all eggs, even if they just come from someone’s backyard, the hens still come from these hatcheries.

The Vancouver Humane Society should not be perpetuating the myth that animal products can ever be humane. They should take a strong stance against the exploitation of any animals.

Jenna, VHS aims to reduce or eliminate animal suffering wherever possible. We understand that all systems of egg production have welfare issues but, as cages are the worst, we encourage food companies to transition to cage-free. We also encourage people to move to a plant-based diet, reducing or eliminating animal products. This includes encouraging people to reduce or eliminate egg consumption.

Please make the way you raise chickens cage free- I don’t eat chickens or bacon-or any meat any more but I still care about the way the animals are being raised !!!!

Heart breaking to see…When will this cruelty stop!!… Yet another greedy, heartless, company…Who care for nothing only your own pockets…SHAME ON YOU A&W…

You are the only “fast food” restaurant I frequent due to your hormone-free meat. That will now cease until you do the right thing for the chickens.

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