Solving Bubble’s troubles

When 16-year-old Bubble began having trouble urinating, her loving guardian Hailey made multiple trips to different veterinary clinics. They were all unsuccessful at diagnosing the issue. Bubble’s symptoms started recurring at a frequent and concerning rate, so Hailey reached out to the McVitie Fund for assistance.

“Bubble is suspected to have chronic feline idiopathic cystitis … vets that I visited recommended doing an abdominal ultrasound/x-ray as a final diagnosis to rule out cancer or tumours,” said Hailey. “Seeing your own fur-baby in excruciating pain while knowing you don’t have the means to provide treatment is one of the most heart-wrenching feelings in the world.”

Bubble has since had an ultrasound, which identified a small amount of abdominal tissue in her bladder. This will be monitored over the coming months in case surgery is required. Hailey told VHS that otherwise Bubble is doing well and only showing a few signs of her age!