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Poll shows BC is turning against rodeo

073115 - Abbotsford, BC Chung Chow photo 2015 Agrifair Rodeo in Abbotsford. Calf roping. Red shirts were responsible for releasing the tied down calves.

We’re changing hearts and minds in the battle against rodeo cruelty in B.C.

A new public opinion survey by polling company Insights West shows that 62% of British Columbians are opposed to using animals in rodeos.  That’s up six percentage points from a 2013 Insights West poll on the same issue which showed 56% opposed.

The new poll also found that only 32% of B.C. residents are in favour of using animals in rodeos, down from 38% in 2013. Clearly, public opinion is moving against rodeo.

In 2005, an Ipsos-Reid poll commissioned by VHS showed that a majority (61%) of people in B.C. supported rodeos and 32% were opposed.  The times they are a-changin’!

VHS has been campaigning against rodeo cruelty for many years, helping to end calf-roping, steer-wrestling and team-roping at the Cloverdale Rodeo, securing a ban on rodeos in the City of Vancouver and partnering with Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events to put an end to the Luxton Rodeo on Vancouver Island.

The new poll also showed that even in Alberta, home of the Calgary Stampede and the heartland of rodeo, only 55% of residents are in favour of using animals in rodeos. A strong minority, 39%, are opposed. Our campaign against animal cruelty at the Stampede is having an impact!

The poll also showed that large majorities in B.C. are opposed to hunting animals for sport (91%) and killing animals for their fur (81%).

VHS has worked hard to expose inhumane rodeo events in the media, gaining substantial coverage every year.  This year, the Vancouver Sun became the first newspaper in Canada to take an editorial position against rodeo, stating that:

“The Vancouver Humane Society for years has been leading the charge against rodeo events such as calf roping, steer wrestling and chuckwagon racing, based on a premise that these activities subject animals to fear, pain, stress and the risk of injury or death, for no greater purpose than the entertainment of spectators.”

We’re going to continue that charge and with your support we know we can win. As these polls show, people are waking up to the cruelty involved in rodeo and they want it to end.

073115 - Abbotsford, BC Chung Chow photo 2015 Agrifair Rodeo in Abbotsford. Bronco riding Bronco refused to get up until motivated by the cowboy behind the fence.


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It is about time someone started speaking up for rodeo animals, they take horrible abuse in the name of entertainment, makes me want to vomit, poor dear animals, they never hurt anyone, why do this to them

No animals should be used and abused for human entertainment!! These animals do feel pain n look terrified when being roped!!! Please STOP this sport!!

Stop using animals for human entertainment. This includes rodeos, the circus and any other public event animals are subjected to pain and agony. Dolphins, seals and any other living thing removed from their natural environment should be quashed never allowed to happen. We have access to the internet to educate ourselves or take a tour of a wildlife sanctuaryif you must, making animals suffer should not happen this day and age. No different than stopping malformed babies, animals etc stuck in jars of fermaldihyde for the public to view back in the 60’s. That stopped and people accepted it so why is it so hard to stop this.

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