New Microgrant Program for animal service organizations

The Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) is thrilled to announce the Microgrant Program, which is dedicated to supporting and empowering animal service organizations in their mission to provide care and support to humans and animals in need.  

What is the Microgrant Program? 

Organizations face many challenges, including when it comes to investing in training and professional development opportunities like the Trauma-Informed Training Program

Learn more about Trauma-Informed Training

To address this, the VHS team is offering the new Microgrant Program, designed to provide financial assistance to animal service organizations in British Columbia, Canada that wish to participate in the VHS’ trauma-informed training. Though the training program is free, the VHS understands that there are staffing and operational costs associated with taking a training.  

This microgrant program aims to help cover the operational costs needed to complete the free training program in order to uplift organizations and strengthen their capacity to make a lasting impact on the welfare of animals and their communities.  

Who should apply?

Supporting animal service organizations 

The VHS’s Microgrant Program is tailored specifically for animal service organizations in British Columbia, including:

  • shelters,
  • rescue groups,
  • & nonprofit organizations,

which are working tirelessly to provide care, support, and treatment to animals in need.

The VHS team understands the unique challenges these organizations face in putting time aside for training opportunities, and is committed to supporting them in learning about and implementing trauma-informed, culturally safe care through the VHS’s trauma-informed training program.

Priority for organizations serving Indigenous communities 

The VHS recognizes the importance of Indigenous communities’ involvement and experiences with animal service organizations. Therefore, priority will be given to organizations located in or serving Indigenous communities to enhance the well-being of people and animals within Indigenous contexts. 

Priority for small and medium-sized organizations

Small and medium-sized organizations often have limited resources and capacity. Preference will be given to small or medium-sized organizations, recognizing that they may face additional challenges in investing in training opportunities. By supporting these organizations with the operational costs needed to take the trauma-informed training program, the microgrant aims to promote inclusivity and equitable access to resources, helping them thrive and make a greater impact in their communities.  

Reporting and evaluation 

Transparency and accountability are crucial. Microgrant recipients will be required to provide periodic reports on the progress of their trauma-informed projects or initiatives, including financial information and impact metrics. This allows us to evaluate the success of the microgrant program and showcase the positive outcomes achieved by the organizations we support.  

How to apply 

Applying for the Microgrant Program is simple: Complete the application form with the necessary information, including details about your organization, and how the microgrant will benefit your organization’s work and the animals you serve.  

Application form

Apply now and let’s make a positive change for animals together! 

All eligible animal service organizations, especially those working with Indigenous communities, are encouraged to apply for the VHS’s Microgrant Program and seize the opportunity to access the VHS’s trauma-informed training courses and workshops. Together, we can strengthen the animal service community and create a lasting impact on animal welfare in British Columbia.  

Note: Learn more about the trauma-informed training program here.

Learn more about Trauma-Informed Training