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Fluffy needs life-saving care after being hit by a car

When curious little Fluffy accidentally escaped her house, tragically she was hit by a car. Fluffy’s devastated guardian Kaylee rushed her to an emergency vet where they determined she has a fractured jaw that will need surgery.  

Fluffy has received thoracic (spine) and skull x-rays and she will need IV fluids, bloodwork to test her liver function and a feeding tube post-surgery. She is currently hospitalized at the vet and her care is expected to cost approximately $4,200. 

Kaylee is a single mother on a limited income and reached out to the Vancouver Humane Society for assistance with Fluffy’s costly care. Without help, Kaylee would be at imminent risk of having to surrender Fluffy to save her beloved companion. Kaylee and Fluffy have formed an unbreakable bond and Kaylee is distraught at the thought of losing her because she can’t afford Fluffy’s urgent, unexpected care.  

The VHS team is keeping in regular communication with both Kaylee and the vet to offer support throughout Fluffy’s recovery. Fluffy is young and has a lot of love still to give and a long life to live. Can you help Fluffy get better by donating?