Joyful George needed help

9-year-old George means everything to his owner Leah. Whenever Leah comes home, George dances in circles of joy.

Leah has bipolar and told VHS that she can’t imagine getting through her dark days without him.

He always knows when I am down and will cuddle and lick me when I’m very depressed.

Leah, George’s loving owner

Leah took George to her local veterinary clinic earlier this month after noticing his teeth were causing him pain. She was told that George’s teeth were badly abscessed and that he would need urgent treatment. The vet also noticed a cyst in George’s eye had grown and recommended doing a biopsy to confirm whether it needed to be removed.

Leah was able to put down a deposit for George’s treatment, but as she is struggling on low income, she was unable to pay the full cost of almost $1,000. That’s why she reached out to the McVitie Fund for help.

Could you help cover the additional costs of George’s medical treatment?