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This is your chance to speak up for BC’s grizzly bears!



91% of B.C. residents oppose hunting animals for sport, according to an Insights West poll in 2015. Yet, the provincial government allows the grizzly hunt to continue.

The Grizzly Bear Foundation, a new organization dedicated to the welfare of grizzly bears, has launched an inquiry to hear British Columbians’ views on the health, welfare and long-term survival of the population in B.C.  This inquiry will hear from all stakeholders including hunters, guide-outfitters and First Nations. You can make your views known by submitting your comments by email or mail, or by registering to speak at the meetings in Vancouver (October 18) or Victoria (October 20).

VHS believes that trophy hunting is an immoral and unsustainable use of wildlife, but especially so when it comes to large carnivores, as their population statistics are often in dispute. A low rate of reproduction combined with habitat loss and hunting are imperilling B.C.’s grizzly bear populations and VHS will be attending the inquiry and representing our supporters’ views that hunting this iconic animal should be stopped.

6 replies on “This is your chance to speak up for BC’s grizzly bears!”

Stop killing our wildlife !
What you are doing is so wrong
Stop culling all wildlife
This need to end today/now !
Make me proud to be a Canadian again..
Animals matter just as much as humanbeings !

I am one of the 91% of BC residents that are against the gizzerly bear hunt. I am ashamed that this continues in this day and age. We should be more forward thinking and stop this now

91% of British Columbiens are against Trophy hunting , because it is our symbol! . We voted for you, so we expect you do your homework and end the trophy hunting! It is just so easy and doesn’t need more words!!!

It is so very sad and yet questionable that the hunting of these animals are allowed to be hunted. Hunting in these days is not justified and tropy hunting atotal crime–and yet it still happens. Please keep me informed

Any kind of trophy hunting should be banned. There is no reason for this. It is barbaric and I just dont understand how any one could do that. These animals should be left to live their lives in peace just as we expect to live ours.

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