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Call for a complete ban on BC’s grizzly bear hunt

Have your say on trophy hunting of B.C.’s grizzly bears

On August 14, 2017, the B.C. government announced that effective Nov. 30, 2017, it will end the trophy hunting of grizzly bears province-wide and stop all hunting of grizzly bears in the Great Bear Rainforest.

While VHS welcomes the effort to end B.C.’s notorious trophy hunt, we have serious concerns about a proposed regulation that would allow grizzlies to be hunted for meat throughout the rest of the province. This would create a loophole that would allow the trophy hunt to continue under the guise of a meat hunt.  

Grizzlies are considered a vulnerable species and a new report from B.C.’s auditor general found that the provincial government has not fulfilled long-standing commitments for managing grizzly bears. This report underscores the importance that now, more than ever, we need to end the grizzly bear hunt in its entirety if we want to help alleviate the pressures facing this keystone species. 

The province is seeking feedback from the public regarding the proposed grizzly bear hunting regulations. Comments can be sent to and the deadline is Nov. 2, 2017.

VHS is calling for a complete ban on all grizzly hunting across the province, as outlined in our submission to the Fish and Wildlife Branch. Please feel free to use our submission to guide your own.

42 replies on “Call for a complete ban on BC’s grizzly bear hunt”

We need to act immediately to ban grizzly bear hunting in order to protect one of our most valuable resources.

Please stop this senseless cruelty and put a ban on hunting these beautiful creatures. They do not deserve to be hunted. They deserve to be free and at peace. Canada is not the same without these bears, they represent everything that is beautiful in our country.

Let’s hope that our current government will correct the problems of its predecessor and do the right thing. BAN ALL GRIZZLY HUNTING.

there is no other option but a complete and total ban of the slaughter of our wildlife for trophies. 90% or so of the people who care about our wildlife in this province voted for the promise that they heard loud and clear. The trophy hunt will stop. There is more money to be made by photographing that one bear over and over than from killing it dead once. People want a government that cares about our wildlife, our wild areas and to stop with the wolf cull, the trophy hunt, the diseased ridden salmon from our waters. We need a govt. that will carry out those acts for those who voted them in.
Please do the right, the honourable, the moral and compassionate thing, stop the trophy hunt.

It seems that we’re not happy unless we’re killing everything… trophy hunting and otherwise. We have pushed them out of their natural environments so they have few wild spaces in which to live and then we go in and hunt them. They don’t stand a chance against humans… high powered rifles, vehicles and all the other cruel forms of extinguishing them. This has to stop. Let these animals alone and protect them. They are not our possessions, they are precious living beings and have every right to live without our intervention.

Complete ban !!! This is something that needs to end NOW. The only place we should hear of this ever again will be in future history books! There is zero justification to have this in effect at all….BAN THE TROPHY HUNT COMPLETELY

Enough of this hunting bears for “meat”. That is the loop hole hunters use to continue killing these animals. Close the loop hole and leave the bears alone

Protect our wildlife…Trophy hunting is an excuse and just a few degrees away from killing human beings..Killing for the sport of it is just that: A disease, a sickness..There is no justification.

Complete ban ASAP. Am ashamed we still do this in our province. Stop ignoring what the majority of British Columbians want.

Animals should have the right to live freely in the wild . If there is no reason to kill then there is no right to do some Hunting for sport is a cowardly cruel act and an industry that thrives on the sale of guns, all manner of equipment and supplies to carry out the murder of innocent wild animals. At one time we hunted for survival, now we have supermarkets. If you don’t use the animal for food and clothing, leave it alone.

Nobody hunt grizzlies for meat, that is just a loophole so trophy hunters can hunt them. A first world like Canada allowing this to happen is totally unacceptable, especially when more than 90% British Columbians oppose it.

Is absolutely necessary to ban grizzly hunt. We are killing our own environment. Stop with that slaughtering.

I fully support a complete ban, I cannot find one reason that supports killing these majestic creatures.
Preservation of our environment is paramount to our survival, killing other species is not going to facilitate that!

I support a total ban!! So many animals are killed ‘accidentally’ every year that they shouldn’t be killed on purpose and especially ‘within the law’!!! We

I support a total ban on killing all animals!
It’s cruel and unnecessary punishment!
So, yes … I support the ban on killing bears!

Grizzly bears should be managed with science not emotion. Just because it is a charismatic animal does not make it any more important or special than the cow we eat or the rodents we “control”


The Law makers are also ‘CROOKS” and that is why these LAWS does not work properly any longer. NEED TO CHECK ON THESE LAW MAKERS BACK GROUNDS TO FIND OUT THE TRUE HONESTY OF THEIR LAW MAKINGS…


Humans must stop killing all animals in the wild. We are suppose to be the caregivers…not life takers…
Stop all sport hunting!

ENOUGH of this killing and harming our wildlife. They have every right to roam as they wish in peace and freedom. Hunters need to back off and leave them alone. I am for the total ban….hunting for trophies or for meat…is unacceptable and unnecessary. Protect, defend and respect these magnificent animals.

Please stop killing animals for no other reason then to kill it and Mount it’s head on a wall. It’s somsad and so shameful. They have a right to their life as we do. Imagine there was a predator that hunted humans for sport. Would it be ok that another soecies wanted our heads on its walls because it can? Just STOP

It is a very good thing to protect our bears in our province, but we need one more step. Hunters do not eat the bear meat, so the flimsy excuse to let the hunt go on snd call it a “meat hunt” is just a Fallacy,everyone knows that that meat is unpalatable. So the hunt must just stop period. NO “MEAT HUNT” anymore. We as the people of BC, do not swallow that any more!! Just stop!! It is in there so the trophy hunters can continue to pillage our bears. If the trophy hunters want to continue to come after a bear, they can damn well just bring their cameras only!!

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