Fighting rodeo cruelty

073115 - Abbotsford, BC Chung Chow photo 2015 Agrifair Rodeo in Abbotsford. Steer wrestling
Steer-wrestling at the 2015 Abbotsford Agrifair rodeo

After our successful campaign against the Luxton Rodeo on Vancouver Island, VHS turned its attention this summer to the Abbotsford Agrifair rodeo and the Calgary Stampede.

More than 10,000 people signed our online petition calling on CBC Sports to stop broadcasting the Stampede’s rodeo and more than 1200 of our supporters emailed the Agrifair urging them to drop cruel rodeo events.

Thanks to generous donors we were able to use advertising and social media to inform thousands of people about this issue.  We were gratified when the Vancouver Sun ran an editorial opposing rodeo and crediting VHS with “leading the charge” against it.

We also obtained compelling photos at this year’s Agrifair rodeo, which helped us gain media attention to the abuse of rodeo animals.

Next year, VHS will resume its campaigns against rodeo.  With your help we hope to put even more pressure on the Agrifair, the Calgary Stampede and their sponsors to stop supporting cruel rodeo events.