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Vancouver’s Oakwood Bistro latest to go cage-free

Oakwood uses local certified organic free-range eggs

The Oakwood Canadian Bistro is the latest Vancouver restaurant to eliminate eggs from caged hens from their menu, and use certified organic free-range eggs instead. The Oakwood already serves Oceanwise seafood and meat that is local, organic and free of antibiotics and hormones. Regarding their switch to cage-free eggs, owner Mike Shea said “We want to be consistent in what we are providing our customers, whether they are joining us for brunch or dinner.”  They also serve up THE BEST vegetarian warm winter salad (warm kale, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts in a lemon parmesan dressing, or remove the parmesan for a vegan version).

Visit The Oakwood Bistro on West 4th near MacDonald, 604.558.1965, or view their menu online.

VHS’s ChickenOUT! campaign is working to encourage more restaurants to go cage-free.  Here’s a list of restaurants that have already gone cage-free.