Urgent Care

Urgent care for Muska

Muska needs urgent help

After arriving from the Ukraine with her guardian Anna just three weeks ago, beautiful Muska recently became sick. She was coughing and having difficulty breathing, both signs of dangerous respiratory problems.
Even though Anna is a refugee with very limited funds, she knew that Muska’s life was too precious to risk. She immediately rushed her to the vet, where she found out Muska would need emergency testing.
Anna is committed to doing whatever it takes to get Muska well again, but she needs help. She is unable to find work until she gets her SIN card; she and her two children are living with a host family while her husband is still in the Ukraine. She reached out to VHS for assistance with Muska’s care, which is expected to cost between $400 and $800.
Can you donate toward Muska’s emergency testing and treatment?

Your gift will make double the difference! An anonymous donor is currently matching all donations made toward the McVitie Fund, up to $25,000.