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Urgent care for Coco

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Senior sweetie Coco needs help!

When Coco developed a lump on her left shoulder, her guardian Jennifer rushed her to the vet. To Jennifer’s dismay, the vet found that Coco has skin cancer which will need urgent treatment.

The vet also performed a check-up and found that Coco has a severe dental infection, as her small mouth makes tooth care very difficult.

Jennifer has been very ill for nearly a decade, and she and Coco have always been there for each other. “Coco has been my constant companion, even in the hospital next to me.” Coco brings such love and calmness to both Jennifer and her daughter.

Unfortunately, Jennifer has not been able to earn a reliable income while ill and she cannot afford Coco’s costly care on her own. “We don’t have any money set aside for emergency but at this point are so scared and desperate to get our dog better I am willing to sell my car.” She reached out for help covering Coco’s treatment.

Can you make a donation to help this sweet dog to live her golden years in health and peace with her loving family?

Your gift will make double the difference! An anonymous donor is currently matching all donations made toward the McVitie Fund, up to $25,000.