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Leading animal protection advocates call for improved federal transport regulations


A coalition of animal protection organizations and experts have issued an open letter to the federal Ministry of Agriculture, urging the government to strengthen regulations pertaining to the domestic transportation of animals. The coalition is comprised of humane societies, societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals and other animal advocates, all of whom wish to see these regulations – last updated in 1977 – improved swiftly and significantly.

The Vancouver Humane Society, along with 19 other animal protection agencies and advocates, is calling for the new regulations to be based on scientific evidence and international best practices, including standards established by the World Organisation for Animal Health. The open letter also recommends that said regulations outline clear, specific and measurable welfare requirements for the animal agriculture industry.

Current regulations allow animals to be transported for up to three days without food, water or rest, or adequate protection from inclement weather. The result is that approximately 14 million farm animals arrive dead, dying or injured at federally inspected slaughterhouses each year. Canadians are increasingly concerned about the treatment of farmed animals and Canada must take this opportunity to be a leader, rather than a laggard, in animal care.


Join us in calling on the federal government to prioritize the release of improved, evidence-based transport regulations that reflect Canadian societal values that oppose the needless suffering of animals.

Contact your Member of Parliament and the federal Minister of Agriculture, the Hon. Lawrence MacAulay, and let them know this issue is important to you! See our coalition’s letter to the Minister as a reference.