Bud & Buddy’s legacy for animals

Retired tennis player and coach, Bud, is “terribly passionate about animals,” and his great love is dogs. “I have an electric scooter that I put everyone’s lives in danger with driving down the streets of Steveston,” Bud explained, “but I also carry dog biscuits with me for the dogs I meet.”

As you can imagine, Bud is very popular with the dogs in his neighbourhood and known for taking good care of them. He’s leaving a legacy gift to the VHS that will ensure dogs and all animals continue to be cared for well into the future.  

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Bud explained that the VHS has been “centerfold” in his Will for 25 years. It was around that time that Bud took in a yellow lab from a family that was struggling with taking care of their puppy. Bud named his new companion Buddy.

Bud and Buddy quickly became family, and “everyone knew it,” Bud said. “He was with me through thick and thin.” Buddy was with Bud for 12 years and 8 months. “He helped me understand the love of animals.”

Bud and Buddy in their home

Bud empathizes with folks reeling from the effects of COVID-19 and struggling to afford sudden vet bills. The VHS’s work to fund emergency veterinary care for pets of low-income guardians through the McVitie Fund is very important to Bud.  

Aside from dogs, Bud is appalled by rodeo cruelty, and let us know that he’s been pleased to read of recent successes in the VHS’s work to curtail these inhumane events. 

Bud generously donates what he can to the VHS, his “number one charity.” But he has to “watch [his] nickels and dimes like most people do.” Like all gifts in Wills, Bud’s legacy gift to the VHS will cost him nothing in his lifetime. 

By leaving a legacy gift to the VHS, Bud and his late companion Buddy ensure a kinder world for animals for years to come.  

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