Spike kept his tail thanks to our generous donors

Spike means a lot to his family. The black and white tom cat was just a kitten when he was adopted by a single mother and her children following a difficult family break-up. Spike’s guardian Allyson said it was a hard time for her children. “I desperately wanted to bring some joy and comfort into their lives,” she says.

Spike was happy to oblige and quickly became “everyone’s friend.” He loves attention, “nudging and pushing against your legs” and even blocking your path until he’s noticed, says Allyson.

Unfortunately, Spike had an altercation with another cat (or possibly local wildlife) and had a bad bite wound on the underside of his tail. The wound became badly infected and required immediate treatment, as there was risk the tail would need to be amputated.

As a single mom on a fixed income, Allyson couldn’t afford the cost of the medical treatment Spike needed so she asked for our help.  We were able to provide financial support through our McVitie Fund and Spike was treated right away.  His infection was addressed and, thankfully, there was no need for an amputation.  Spike recovered well and his grateful family is breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Our McVitie Fund saves lives!

The McVitie Fund is one of our most important projects, which provides emergency medical care for sick or injured animals.

We receive several phone calls a week from worried guardians asking us for financial help. Unfortunately, there are very few options available for low-income guardians in emergencies, that’s where our McVitie Fund comes in. The fund aims to keep beloved animals in their forever home instead of being surrendered to over-burdened shelters or unnecessarily euthanized.

Once again, a wonderful anonymous donor has agreed to match all donations, up to a total of $25,000, received towards the McVitie Fund from now until April 30th 2020. Your donation will be doubled through our challenge grant, meaning we will be able to help even more animals!

You can donate here.

Thank you!