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Please support the bill to end cetacean captivity

Senator Wilfred Moore is urging Canadians to sign a petition supporting a bill he introduced in the Senate to end the captivity of whales and dolphins in Canada.

The Senator will present all the petitions together with his Bill to “End The Captivity Of Whales And Dolphins In Canada” to the Senate on January 25th. The bill would end the live capture, breeding, and acquisition of cetaceans in Canada.

Unfortunately, the Senate does not accept any reproductions, so the
petition has to be hand-signed and mailed. No internet petitions accepted.

This petition ended January 14, 2016. Read the latest updates on captivity in aquariums.

Thank you.

More information on the bill.

1 reply on “Please support the bill to end cetacean captivity”

Please stop keeping these animals in captivity! This is one of the most blatantly cruel acts still being perpetrated on these precious intelligent beings. There is no excuse good enough to continue this horrific and shameful act!

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