Little Champagne urgently needed help

Since Vonette rescued Champagne, this precious pup has served as her support animal and has been a wonderful addition to her life.

When Champagne started having trouble urinating and passing blood one day, Vonette realised something was seriously wrong.

I took her to the emergency clinic at 4am and the vet discovered that she had a blockage in her urethra and a large stone in her bladder.

Vonette, Champagne’s owner

The veterinary services cost Vonette $499; an amount she cannot afford as she is living on disability income.

Champagne was discharged the same day with morphine, and Vonette contacted the McVitie Fund straight away to ask for help with her treatment.

The McVitie Fund assists vulnerable individuals on low or no income with emergency medical costs for their loved and well-cared for pets. This program ensures that animals do not have to be unnecessarily euthanized or surrendered to a shelter.

You can help keep Champagne and Vonette together by making a life-saving donation today towards her care.