Chance needed surgery for cherry eye

Bev took little Chance in when he was just 6 weeks old. His mom had rejected all of the puppies in her litter and Bev wanted to give this puppy a chance – hence his name!

Since adopting Chance, he has been Bev’s loving companion and best friend.

Recently Chance has developed severe cherry eye, which is at risk of spreading to the second eye. After visiting my vet, I have been told that surgery is the only option, costing almost $400.

Bev, Chance’s owner

Bev is 74 years old and on a pension. The lease on her apartment is coming to an end and she is currently looking for a new place to live that will accept Chance. Finding suitable pet-friendly accommodation can be a daunting task for any of us.

Unexpected veterinary bills can be devastating for individuals who are struggling on low income; that’s why Bev reached out to our McVitie Fund for financial assistance to pay for Chance’s eye surgery.

Could you make a donation today to help cover the cost of Chance’s cherry eye surgery?