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Life-saving care for Bella

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Your donation to help Bella will be DOUBLED
Bella needs life-saving surgery after being attacked by another dog

When sweet chihuahua Bella was attacked by another dog, it left her with a severe eye injury which tragically is life-threatening. 

Bella’s loving guardian Nicky rushed her to the veterinary clinic where the vet confirmed she will need an eye enucleation procedure (removal of her eye). Bella is currently hospitalized and her surgery will take place immediately in order to save her life.

Bella’s surgery is expected to cost approximately $1,500 and Nicky has no financial resources to cover this unexpected bill. She is distraught seeing her beloved girl in pain.

As a senior, almost the entirety of Nicky’s monthly pension goes toward her rent. The remainder of her budget is impossibly small and she told the VHS she has to “juggle very carefully just to get by” each month. That’s why I am hoping you can help this sweet pup by donating toward her care. 

The VHS team is keeping in communication with Nicky and the vet to monitor the situation and has committed to covering Bella’s veterinary bill. 

Starting today, an anonymous donor is generously matching all donations toward the VHS’s McVitie Fund, up to $25,000! This means your donation will have double the impact. Can you donate today to help Bella?