Help save Wybie’s life

Sweet little six-month-old Wybie needs our help. His loving guardian Krystal contacted us after noticing he had bowel complications, causing dehydration, constipation and exhaustion.  

I’ve been watching over him very closely, giving him lots of attention & TLC. After a bit of research it sounds like it could be megacolon, a congenital disorder that could possibly require x-rays and surgery.

Krystal, Wybie’s loving guardian

A single mother on disability, Krystal struggled to afford the fluid IV and laxative medication that he urgently needed after his first visit to the vet.

That’s when she reached out to VHS for help. Our veterinary care assistance program, the McVitie Fund, generously funded by our supporters, enables you to help animals like Wybie.

Any assistance or help would be lifesaving for him at this point and beyond incredible. He means the world to us and is like our child. Thank you so much for your consideration!

Could you donate today to pay for the veterinary care needed to help save Wybie’s life?