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Facing jail for giving pigs water



Photo: Toronto Pig Save

Media in Ontario are reporting that an animal activist, Anita Krajnc, is willing to go to jail rather that face fines or a conditional sentence for giving water to pigs being transported to slaughter.

Krajnc is a co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, which holds vigils outside slaughterhouses to draw attention to the plight of pigs and other animals who endure cruel transport and slaughter. She was charged under the Criminal Code with mischief under $5,000 for trying to give water to pigs in a transport truck.  The incident was described by the Burlington Post:

“Krajnc squirted water from a bottle into a transport truck that was stopped at a traffic light at Appleby Line and Harvester Road, just outside the Fearman’s pork plant. A load of hogs inside the truck was being taken to the plant for slaughter.

“Krajnc, the co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, had a member of the organization videotape the incident, which escalated when the truck driver got out of the rig and confronted Krajnc.

TO Pigsave pic
Photo: Toronto Pig Save

“On the video, posted to Facebook, the driver tells Krajnc to stop squirting the liquid inside the truck. She tells him it is water and to be compassionate, that the pigs are hot and thirsty. She continued to give water to the animals. The driver said he was calling the police and got back in his rig. There was no physical confrontation.”

It is a sad day for justice in Canada when a harmless act of compassion can land someone in court, and possibly in jail.  It is no secret that farmed animals in Canada endure horrific conditions when being transported to slaughter. Trying to bring a small measure of relief to suffering animals is something that should be rewarded, not punished.

Toronto Pig Save is to be commended for its efforts to bring attention to this issue and we hope Anita Krajnc receives public support for her courageous and compassionate dedication to helping animals.

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Canada, you are sending the wrong message. Quite frankly, I am appalled and embarrassed. THIS is not the country I know and love. Disgusting. Anita Krajnc, MANY of us support you,.

Jay McKillop
London, Ontario
Canada (and a little ashamed to say that today.)

How absolutely deplorable that a simple act of kindness before these pigs were going to be cruelly abused and slaughtered is what is being considered for punishment. Cruelty in transporting these animals needs to be punished not a act of compassion. what a sad world we live in!!!

Comes down to, someone is giving water, who knows whats in it, is what the law is looking at. To an Item that is going to mass food supply.

I understand what you’re saying, but it was determined it was just water – no charges should have been laid. Theses animals are defenceless and they were suffering, – transporting them in this manner is truly the crime in this case!! I don’t eat meat – and things like this is why – I understand a vegetarian or vegan diet is not for everyone, but please, make sure you understand where the food you buy is coming from and if the animals suffered as a result – eat kind!!

That excuse is a cop out. She was not giving them anything but water. Whether or not it could be assumed otherwise, it was only water. She is being find for mischief, not for giving the pigs some horrid ingredient that would harm human life. The fine is ridiculous. There are far worse things that people do that are flying under the radar. A simple act of kindness must seem strange and suspect to those who would do harm.

What about the fact that these pigs are drenched internally with fear hormones from the abuse and suffering that has defined their life. All those poisonous hormones are going into your body when you eat meat man — that’s what you should think about when you worry about the food supply.

Incredible story. It’s a shame for my country.There are still humans who have had enough of this cruelty against animals.

The driver is responsible for the product in his care. Who can be sure wether the pigs are being given water or something else? The concern is valid. So is the compassion behind Krajnc’s act of kindness. If animals were cared for/ transported in better conditions, these vigilante acts would not be as sought after. We are in perpetual conflict between business and ethical conduct. I find it so disturbing the lengths we have gone to continue to feed our desires. The extreme torture these animals live through is so unbearable to think about. I stand with Krajnc, but I admit that we are involved in a conflict in which either way, the animals lose. We need to put more weight on the quality of animal transport. Their lives should be given value with standards for care while they are alive.

No….we need to put more weight on the fact that humans think they own everything….Animals lives are not ours to determine….how dare we breed them, sell them, kill them. They are no more that a commodity and a slave. Shameful!!! That is the bottom line.

“We need to put more weight on the quality of animal transport.”

That’s crap. We need to put more weight on the quality of all lives, including pigs, by living on vegan products and or humanely raised chicken eggs, and specifically non intrusive cheese etc.

Make their lives better by ALLOWING ALL CREATURES TO HAVE ONE.

I fully support you as well Anita….there has to be more people like you and like the others of the world that stood up, sat down, fought back and said this is not right and I won’t accept it. Rosa Parks comes to mind.

I can think of a human equivalent in the horrific 1940’s In future years we’ll look back on how we treated these gentle defenseless creatures with the shame it deserves. Good on the compassionate person who tried to spare their sufferings

The transport system is ancient and is far overdue for upgrades, that is clear. For several years chickens will arrive frozen to death from Maple Lodge Farms. They aren’t doing anything about this. It’s so unnecessary for these animals to suffer like this.

I also give water to all animals on these trucks and have been with Anita as well as many other activists when we have seen the horror inside those trucks. So I ask this why is it Anita who gets charged while we all go on with our day to day lives still giving animals in need water. Some food for thought

Good for you, Anita. I don’t eat pork because I saw a transport of pigs being taking to slaughter on the road. I was appalled. Hard to give up bacon, but hard to think of what happened to produce that.

I fell for the animals going to slaughter, however , anyone going near a truck hauling any animal to slaughter, should be left alone , after all would you want to see the whole truck load killed and put on the garbage because poison was suspected to have been on that bottle mixed on the water , I agree there must be a better way but at this times there is not . Same as the practice of fertilizing a cow to get a baby just to get her milk, and if if a male in 6 months it’s sold as veil , I’m sure many people drink Milk and don’t wonder how it’s made , or eat veil and wonder how old the donor is , it’s a baby cow that’s what veil is , just a baby

36 hours without water!!! or rest, or food! this is absolutely appalling! these poor animals destined for our food chain deserve respect, compassion and care. it’s simple even those of us who choose to eat meat want to see a change NOW!
I am ashamed of our treatment of these poor animals! I’ve seen these transport trucks all over Canada, always feel the terror of the animals contained within.

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