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Canada’s factory farms exposed

VHS’s contribution to the report concerns Canada’s supply management system and cruelty to caged hens like these ones on an Ontario battery farm.

Report is a must read

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has released some alarming findings about the impacts of Canada’s animal agriculture practices.

What’s On Your Plate? The Hidden Costs of Industrial Animal Agriculture exposes the destructive impacts of intensive livestock operations on our health, the environment, animal welfare and rural Canada.

The report also exposes the real costs of our food, including tax-funded subsidies to agriculture, and the costs borne by our health care system for public safety and food borne illnesses. Our “cheap” food isn’t so cheap after all!

VHS co-wrote a section on supply management and Canada’s egg industry (pages 101-105). Read the report here and take action to help address the issue.

4 replies on “Canada’s factory farms exposed”

When society starts taking any animal but especially our food animals for granted, as a society we are in a great deal of trouble. Countries that do not respect animal`s rights do not respect people`s rights. Just see what is happening in China, India and other countries that show very little respect for the living animal, it can just as easily happen in Canada.

It does happen in Canada. We have lots of pretty standards, that are only guidelines, good animal care is not mandatory. Our own system keeps failing us. Until we consider animals as beings deserving of respect and proper care, abuse will continue.

This sounds like a fantastic report. The externalized costs of our food system really encourage people to eat more meat (animals) and this needs to be corrected. Going vegan helps reduce demand for these products and the effluent animals produce, but more needs to be done by government.

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