Another horse death & incident in B.C.’s horse racing industry 

The VHS continues to raise concerns about B.C.’s horse racing industry following this year’s eighth horse fatality at Hastings Racetrack and a separate incident that resulted in the injury of another horse.

On October 14th, a two-year old horse named Skysablazing was euthanized following a complete open fracture to the left front leg sustained during a race at Hastings Racecourse. Skysablazing’s death marks the eighth horse fatality at Hastings this year. 

On October 19th, a two-year old horse named Wannabeabigstar stumbled and fell during a harness race at Surrey’s Fraser Downs Racetrack, resulting in a collision with another two-year old horse named Outlawstaythcourse. Wannabeabigstar sustained injuried to his knees and was receiving ongoing treatment as of October 31, when B.C.’s Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB) responded to the VHS’s inquiry about the condition of the horses. 

Following the spate of recent horse fatalities and incidents, along with the welfare issues associated with aversive training in the horse racing industry, the VHS is encouraging the public to pledge to not attend horse races.  

Incident details

See the most recent horse racing incident that took place at Surrey’s Fraser Downs racecourse. 

Previous race horse fatalities at Hastings Racecourse in 2023: 

  • On July 16, a five-year old horse named One Fifty One was euthanized after being injured during a race.  
  • On July 22, a three-year old horse named Lent Me Twenty died after falling backward and hitting her head prior to a race. 
  • On July 30, a four-year old horse named Memorandum was euthanized after sustaining a traumatic injury during a race.  
  • On August 6, a five-year old horse named Eddie Who died after falling during a workout. 
  • On August 22, a five-year old horse named Indy Go Gold was euthanized after sustaining a catastrophic injury of his right hind leg during a timed workout.  
  • On August 7, a four-year old horse named Lil Miss Intaglio was euthanized after presenting with symptoms of colic (gastrointestinal distress) on September 5. Despite treatment, her condition worsened and she was subsequently euthanized. 
  • On September 16, a two-year old horse named Shadesofriogrande died after escaping the stable area at the racecourse and running into a wall. 

Media coverage

You can read and watch more about this year’s incidents and responses from the public and the Vancouver Humane Society in the following news outlets: