Join our recycling program

Donating to Vancouver Humane just got a whole lot eco-friendlier! We’ve registered with Return-It, meaning every time you return your recyclable beverage containers to a Return-it depot, you can choose to donate your proceeds to us.

Find your local depot and a list of recyclable containers on the website. Bag up your items in blue or clear recycling bags, which can be purchased at most grocers, drug and hardware stores. There’s no need to sort your containers.

When it comes to returning your recyclables, simply enter our account number 604 266 9744 (the same as our telephone number) on the checkout screen at your depot and select how many bags you have to recycle. A bar coded sticker will be printed, which you can add to your bag.

Once Return-it has processed your bags, the funds raised from your recyclables will be donated directly to our Vancouver Humane account.

Upcoming bottle drives:

We regularly hold bottle drives throughout the year. Please check our events page for upcoming events.