Changing hearts and minds to help animals

Our new bus ad is turning heads in Vancouver.  The thought-provoking ad is appearing on Translink  buses during May and June, encouraging the public to consider why we treat some animals as food and others as friends.

The ad is part of our Go Veg campaign, which encourages people to try a plant-based diet to help end the suffering of millions of animals on factory farms in Canada.

The launch of our bus ad campaign coincided with Veg Expo on May 5th, where our table attracted lots of attention from many of the 15,000 attendees at the event.  As the plant-based revolution sweeps the world, more and more people are eliminating or reducing consumption of animal products – and we’re proud to be part of this amazing movement.  Many thanks to the generous donors who make this possible!

We had lots of conversations with Veg Expo visitors about animal protection, plant-based diets and Vancouver Humane’s mission and work.