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Veggemo: A new plant-based alternative to dairy milk

Veggemo Product Line-Up Image

By Amy Balcome

It’s always exciting when a new plant-based company pops up on our radar and right in our own backyard. This local start-up is a first-of-its kind, offering people with nut, seed, soy and gluten allergies a chance to enjoy a plant-based milk beverage made from veggies. Introducing Veggemo with three fantastic flavours to choose from: Original, Unsweetened, and Vanilla.

Over the years, studies have shown a decline in dairy milk sales and more consumers have been leaning towards plant-based milks, whether it be for clean eating, a cruelty-free approach or because of allergies/sensitivities. Whatever the reason, choosing a plant-based milk is better for you, the animals and the environment.

There are many types of plant-based milks, which are mostly derived from nuts, seeds and grains. Veggemo says it did a great deal of research to create a creamy milk beverage using a blend of pea protein, tapioca from cassava root and the starch from potatoes to reach its satisfying taste, which can be enjoyed in smoothies, cereal, creamy entrees or desserts. They appear to have gone to great lengths to ensure their product is sourced from non-GMO suppliers and their peas are processed by a Belgian company instead of being shipped to China for processing, as many other companies do.

Along with Veggemo’s naturally occurring nutrients from vegetables, this product is fortified with important vitamins to contribute to a balanced plant-based beverage. It’s also carrageen-free. Veggemo offers low calories and sugar per serving and is high in protein, allowing it to be nutritionally on par with other non-dairy milks. It’s hard to miss their eye-catching containers on supermarket shelves. On your next grocery shop outing be on the lookout for Veggemo in a store near you.

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