Media Release

Photos show electric shock devices in use at Chilliwack Fair rodeo

Vancouver Humane Society calls on Fair to explain why

Vancouver – The Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) has obtained photographs showing an electric shock device apparently being used on animals at last weekend’s Chilliwack Fair rodeo.  VHS says such devices are cruel and should not be used to make rodeo animals perform.  The society says it will make a formal complaint to the fair and will demand an explanation as to why the electric prods were present.

VHS says the photos show the device being held by a man preparing bulls for release from the chutes in several bull-riding events at the rodeo.  The device appears to be an electric prod known as a “Hot-Shot”, which can generate 4500 volts.

“No animal should be exposed to electric shocks just to make them perform for a crowd,” said VHS spokesperson Peter Fricker.  “Rodeo animals already suffer from being roped, spurred and goaded into performing.  Now they have to endure electric shocks as well?”

VHS also obtained a number of other photos at the rodeo, which it says clearly shows rodeo animals in distress.