New exposé reveals gruelling journeys of horses transported for slaughter

Photos: Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

  • A new exposé from Animal Justice reveals that the gruelling journeys of horses exported from Canada for slaughter regularly exceed legal limits.
  • About two thirds of horse shipments tracked were estimated to exceed the already-lengthy 28 hour limit.
  • “But even if all these shipments were legal, there’s just no ethical way to transport horses halfway around the world for slaughter.”
  • The Vancouver Humane Society has signed an open letter demanding an immediate halt to live horse exports.

Flying Above the Law: Inside Canadian Horses’ Long Journey to Japan

For the first time, the same shipments of Canadian horses being sent to Japan for slaughter have been documented leaving Canada & landing overseas. Animal Justice is releasing new groundbreaking footage of these harrowing journeys, breaking the 28-hour legal time limit for travel. Take action:

Animal organizations demand government action

The Vancouver Humane Society has signed onto an open letter to Canadian decision-makers after a new exposé reveals the horrific hidden journeys of horses exported for slaughter.

The CFIA allows horses to go a gruelling 28 hours without food, water, or rest when being transported. However, Canadian officials only track the journey until horses land on foreign soil. In reality, horses spend hours on the other side of the ocean painfully hungry, thirsty, and exhausted before reaching their destination. Time spent in transit regularly exceeds the 28 hour legal limit.

Videos also reveal horses sprayed with harsh disinfectant chemicals when they reach a quarantine facility. The horses are so dehydrated that some try to lick the painful chemicals off the nets of the transport truck.

You can read more about the investigation and open letter in the CBC.