Speak out against industry changes that will make life worse for farmed mink

The National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) is updating the “Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farmed Mink”, which outlines mink farming industry standards.

As part of this update, NFACC is holding a public consultation on the proposed changes, one of which would allow the industry to renege on a commitment to increase cage sizes for farmed mink. Another proposed change would allow for new, untested ways of killing mink, which are inhumane. VHS opposes the proposed amendments.

Please take a few minutes to participate in the NFACC survey and comment on these proposals before the February 4th deadline. Comments can be submitted to the survey here

You can identify yourself as an animal advocate and decide which sections of the survey to comment on, including:

  • Section 1.2.2 Pens: This proposes amending the code to allow fur farmers to renege on a commitment to increase cages sizes by 2023.
  • Section 6.1 Euthanasia Methods: This proposes allowing mink to be killed by having them breathe in engine exhaust or carbon dioxide, which is inhumane.
  • General Comments: Here you may wish to share any general views on the proposed amendments. You can also highlight that the amendments fail to address the spread of COVID-19 on mink farms and the animal and public health concerns this presents.

Additional action item:

Sign the federal e-petition to ban fur farming in Canada

A new House of Commons e-petition has been launched, calling on the federal government to introduce a nationwide ban on fur farming for all species of animals. Adding your signature will help put an end to this cruel and dangerous industry.