Urgent Care

Life-saving care for Flynn

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Flynn needs urgent veterinary care!

Cherished family cat, Flynn, hopes you can help get him back home.

His loving guardian, Josephine, noticed Flynn’s distress when he stopped eating. Alarmed, she rushed him to the vet where she was told he’d need to stay overnight to receive IV fluids. Josephine and her children spent a sleepless night apart from Flynn until he came home the next day.

Back home, Flynn kept vomiting, leading to an immediate return to the vet for more IV fluids and another X-ray. To Josephine’s dismay, the results revealed a severe intestinal blockage. This means Flynn needs life-saving surgery.

Josephine has exhausted all her savings on Flynn’s testing and treatment so far. As a devoted single mother living on limited disability assistance, Josephine is facing an impossible financial burden.

Josephine told the VHS, “It would be devastating if I were to lose Flynn. My kids love him so much and so do I.”

Flynn loves his life with his family and is anxious to return home to his favourite people.

Can you donate today to help Flynn get the life-saving surgery he needs?