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CBS: End the exploitation of wild animals on show “Zoo”

tigerVHS is joining the call for CBS to end the use of wild animals in the filming of its show “Zoo”. The Vancouver-shot series is based on James Patterson’s 2012 novel by the same name and is a thriller about a zoologist’s investigation into a wave of violent animal attacks against humans around the world.

For a series that’s based on the story-line that captive and exploited animals are fighting back against their oppressors, it’s disturbing that CBS itself fails to see the lesson and contributes to such exploitation through their use of wild animals, including bears, wolves and big cats, who have been forced to perform in the series. These animals are denied any semblance of a natural life and are transported around, caged, chained and forced to perform for mere entertainment.

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) has come a long way and has been used in other films to create realistic looking animals without the use and abuse of live ones, a popular example of this being Disney’s “The Jungle Book”.

Please join us in calling on CBS to follow the lead of others in the film industry by ending their use of wild animals and instead utilizing CGI technology in their productions. You can submit your request by visiting CBS’s website and selecting “Zoo” under the category drop-down of the feedback form.

4 replies on “CBS: End the exploitation of wild animals on show “Zoo””

I think using wild animals from a zoo is just wrong the people doing the shows are surely think of something else to use I’m sure of that

All wild animals should be left in their own environment and not in a zoo. They are not put on this earth for our entertainment. Keep them safe so our Grandchildren will know what they are like.

Please close down this show!
Wild animals belong on the wild or next best a sanctuary
They should not be chained , kept as prisoners to work on shows like this one CBS!!!

Haven’t seen the show, don’t know anything about it, but… if the theme is caged wild animals taking a stand against humans (along lines theme of global planetary consciousness vibration is changing), and if this show is reaching the homes of big numbers, possibly millions of people, the producers should be applauded…. maybe this is an example where the overall good of a movement or project or film with a positive animal rights message, outweighs the suffering of the few animals used to make this message….

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