Beethoven and Sebastian’s flood-affected journeys

You can make a difference to the life of an animal this holiday season by donating toward veterinary support for needy animals

With the recent flooding in B.C and the continuing impacts of Covid-19, low-income pet guardians have been struggling more than ever in 2021 to cover the costs of unexpected veterinary bills for their beloved furry family members.

Thanks to people like you, more than 400 needy companion animals have received veterinary assistance this year – a record for VHS. Your continued support will continue helping animals like Beethoven and Sebastian throughout 2022.

Beethoven’s story: Beethoven’s house and barn were flooded on November 15 and his guardian Janine has been struggling to pick up the pieces since these devastating events. When Beethoven began having seizures, she rushed him to the vet. Beethoven urgently needed a neurological exam and diagnostics to assess the cause of his seizures.

Beethoven is not ‘out of the woods’ yet, and radiology and MRI needed are likely to cost upwards of $5,000.

Sebastian’s story: Sebastian became sick during a dog and cat rescue operation running between Manitoba and B.C. He was stuck in Princeton when the roads closed due to flooding on November 13. When he was identified at triage in Princeton as being lethargic and vomiting, he was urgently rushed to a veterinary clinic in Kelowna. Thankfully the veterinarian was able to run diagnostics to rule out parvovirus. Little Sebastian was suffering from dehydration and worms.

Sebastian is now in recovery.

Your donation today towards veterinary assistance for needy animals will:

  • Cover the cost of veterinary treatments ranging from simple antibiotic treatments for infections, to major surgeries for bowel obstructions, dental work and broken bones.
  • Keep animals with their loving guardians, ensuring that no animal is unnecessarily surrendered or euthanized.
  • Enable VHS to provide a specialist trauma-informed care response for vulnerable clients and their pets.

Thank you for helping animals like Beethoven and Sebastian get back on their paws!