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Urgent care for Quincy

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Sweet Quincy needs urgent care

When Quincy started bleeding significantly, her guardian Elaine rushed her to the to the vet. Quincy was diagnosed with a pyometra infection and needs urgent life-saving surgery.

Elaine told the VHS, “She is the sweetest little girl who provides comfort to those with mental health issues. She means the world to us.”

Elaine is a senior who cares for two foster children, and is experiencing financial struggles. She reached out to the Vancouver Humane Society for assistance with Quincy’s care. Quincy has been by Elaine’s side for the last 7 years and truly is her best friend.

Your gift today will help cover the cost of Quincy’s surgery, which is expected to cost approximately $1,500. You can help ensure she receives the best possible care so she can return home safely to Elaine and her family.

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