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Sadie needed help after hit and run

Sadie IMG_5352

VHS’s McVitie Fund is there for animals needing emergency medical care



Sadie is lucky to be alive. She was out for an evening walk with her dad on a
Vancouver street early in November and when the two didn’t return home for several hours.

Sadie’s mom frantically reported them missing to police. When they were found
several hours later at a nearby hospital, her dad was unconscious and little Sadie, a five-month-old French Bulldog, was badly injured. They had been struck by a hit-and run driver.

Sadie’s mom was devastated when she found her in the ER, “I was heartbroken when I saw Sadie’s face, swollen and bloody, as a police officer handed her to me wrapped up in a blanket – I could feel her leg was limp so I rushed her to the nearest animal ER in the middle of the night” “I wasn’t sure at that point if she would live”.

Sadi post opSadie was diagnosed with a fractured femoral bone in her back leg and a severe bruising around her mouth and eyes. She needed expensive medication and her surgery needed to be scheduled within the following few days to ensure proper recovery.

Sadie’s family had just moved to Vancouver for work and needed help with the
unexpected cost of Sadie’s treatment. VHS contributed $500 and Sadie got the surgery she needed.

Her operation was a success and she is back at home with her mom and dad, recovering well. She’ll soon be back to being the “energetic and affectionate” puppy that her family loves so much. “Sadie is like our child, we never expected something like this to ever happen, she’s so young, and we had to do the surgery in such a short amount of time. We’re so grateful for VHS’s support.”

Sadie is like many animals that VHS helps thanks to the generous donors who support our McVitie Fund for sick and injured animals. When animals need emergency medical care, VHS does its best to make sure they get the help they need.

Your donation will help us cover the cost of Sadie’s surgery and ensure other animals get the chance at life that she did.  Your donation will be doubled thanks to a generous anonymous donor.