Media Release

Civic election candidates surveyed on animal welfare issues

Vancouver Humane Society puts questions to Metro Vancouver candidates

Vancouver – The Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) is asking civic election candidates to state their position on a range of animal welfare issues. VHS surveyed candidates in Metro Vancouver who are running for mayor, city council, school board and Vancouver park board and is publishing their responses on its website.

The survey asked candidates their positions on issues such as factory farming; keeping cetaceans in captivity; plant-based diets; using animals in entertainment; pet-friendly housing; and Meatless Mondays.

“Our survey will give candidates an opportunity to state their views on animal issues and will allow voters to evaluate those views,” said VHS program coordinator Emily Pickett.  “We’ll update the survey responses on our website to ensure voters have the latest information.”

Pickett said VHS will not be telling voters to favour any particular candidate, as this is prohibited by charity regulations, but will encourage voters to respond to the candidates’ views and to engage them in conversation about animal welfare.