Milly’s on the mend!

Milly, a seven-year-old female tabby, means the world to her family. When she was diagnosed with a mast cell tumour they were devastated but they knew she was a fighter.

Milly’s guardian, who is on disability and has a four-year-old son, says Milly has helped her cope in difficult times. “Milly isn’t certified as a companion or comfort animal but she certainly is my therapy cat. She knew when I was in labour before I did. She knew when I had my emergency C-section that the wound had burst open while I was sleeping. I woke up surrounded in blood and who was by my side but Milly. She knew and she kept me calm.” 

Now it’s Milly who needs help.  After the cancer diagnosis her guardian reached out to Vancouver Humane for help and we were able to assist in funding the surgery Milly needed, which required the removal of one of her ears. The operation went well and she is now in recovery. Her guardian says she’s doing well, thanks to our generous donors, but has one more request to our supporters: “Please keep us in your prayers!”