Let’s end rodeo cruelty in Chilliwack

Calf-roping at the Chilliwack Fair rodeo


Help us keep the pressure on the Chilliwack Fair rodeo

Electric prod used at the Chilliwack Fair rodeo

The Chilliwack Fair has ignored calls to end animal cruelty at its annual rodeo. 

Compassionate Canadians need to let the Fair, its sponsors, Tourism Chilliwack and the City of Chilliwack know that spectacles of animal abuse have no place in the 21st century. (Our video shows why.) These influential bodies should urge the Fair to drop cruel rodeo events. 

At the 2018 Chilliwack Fair, VHS exposed the use of an electric prod at the rodeo’s bull-riding event and obtained photographic evidence of rodeo animals in distress at the 2016 and 2018 fairs. Despite this evidence the Fair refuses to stop the cruelty and end the suffering of the animals.


Your voice can make a difference

Please send a polite message to the Chilliwack Fair, asking them to end cruel rodeo events. You can also reach out to the other contacts listed below, asking them to call on the Fair to end cruel rodeo events. It’s vital that your messages are respectful, factual and civil to ensure they are effective. (*See a list of key points you can make below.)

The Chilliwack Fair

You can email the Chilliwack Fair at info@chilliwackfair.com or write to them at: 
Chilliwack Agricultural Society
7590 Lickman Road
Chilliwack, B.C.
V2R 4A7

City of Chilliwack and Tourism Chilliwack

Mayor Ken Popove
City of Chilliwack

Email: mayor@chilliwack.com
City of Chilliwack
8550 Young Road
Chilliwack, BC
V2P 8A4

Tourism Chilliwack
Email: info@tourismchilliwack.com
Tourism Chilliwack
44150 Luckakuck Way
Chilliwack, BC
V2R 4A7

Key sponsors

Rogers Foods
Email: info@rogersfoods.com
Rogers Foods Ltd.
44360 Simpson Rd.
V2R 4B7

Chances Chilliwack
Email: smandic@gcgaming.com
Chances Chilliwack
8180 Young Road
Chilliwack, BC
V2P 4N9

Old Yale Brewing
Email: info@oldyalebrewing.com
404-44550 S. SUMAS RD
Chilliwack, BC

Marcom Signs & Graphics
Email: info@marcomsignsandgraphics.ca
Marcom Signs & Graphics
#1 44322 Yale Road West
Chilliwack, BC
V2R 4H1

Vision 2020 Eyecare
E:mail: visioneyecare2020@gmail.com
103 – 45744 Gaetz Street
Chilliwack, BC
V2R 3P1

Cottonwood Meadows RV Country Park
Email: info@cottonwoodpark.com
Cottonwood Meadows RV Country Park
44280 Luckakuck Way
Chilliwack, BC
V2R 4A7

*Key points to make in your message 

Please ask the Chilliwack Fair to end cruel rodeo events such as calf-roping, steer-wrestling and team-roping.

Rodeos subject animals to fear, pain and stress for the sake of entertainment.  That’s morally wrong.

Most animal welfare organizations are opposed to rodeo, including our own BC SPCA.

Polls show a majority (66%) of B.C. residents are opposed to rodeo

People want family-friendly, non-controversial events, not spectacles of animal abuse.

Other country fairs have dropped rodeo events and remained successful (e.g. Abbotsford Agrifair)

The rodeo is hurting Chilliwack’s reputation. Residents, visitors and investors don’t want Chilliwack to be associated with animal cruelty.


The photos below shows what happens to animals at the Chilliwack Fair rodeo. Let’s stop it!