Leia needed surgery and our McVitie Fund was there

Leia, an energetic eight-year-old boxer/collie/lab mix means everything to her young guardian, who says, “I love her with all my heart and consider her my family and best friend.” Recently, Leia developed a growth on her paw. It got bigger and started bleeding so her guardian took her straight to the vet.

Leia needed blood tests and ultimately surgery – at a cost of $900. Her guardian, who is on a low income, and already late with her rent, called VHS. Thanks to the generous donors who support our McVitie Fund, we were able to help and Leia had the growth successfully removed. She recovered well and is back to her playful self.

One of our wonderful anonymous donors is continuing to match all donations, up to a total of $25,000, received towards the McVitie Fund up until April 30th 2020. This means all of the donations we receive will be doubled through our challenge grant, allowing us to help even more animals like Leia.

Our McVitie Fund assists low-income pet owners with emergency veterinary expenses, ending their suffering from debilitating injuries and illnesses. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and our anonymous donor, we are so grateful to be one of the very few organizations offering this service.

So far, our supporters have helped us raise $17,000! Could you make a donation today towards our McVitie Fund and help us raise $8,000 to reach our goal? To donate online click on the button below.