Support for women and pets fleeing homelessness

Helping Women and Pets in Crisis Please donate to help keep this program operating

Over the past year, the Vancouver Humane Society has been partnering with women’s support agencies across B.C. to break down housing barriers. We need your support to keep this program operating in order to help women and animals like Mariam and Odin.

Mariam and Odin’s story

“It is difficult finding places that allow pets,” says Mariam, a client of the program whose name has been changed for privacy, “especially with non-refundable pet deposits which take away the limited income I have per month.” Mariam’s family is familiar with this struggle; her sister has already given up a cat because she couldn’t afford anywhere that would allow a pet to live with her.

When Mariam’s cat Odin got sick, she spent her rent money to get him medicine in the hospital to prevent him from suffering. “I accepted that I would have to go without some basic needs and put off rent for a couple of months to catch up financially.”
Thankfully, the Helping Women and Pets in Crisis program covered part of Odin’s urgent veterinary costs so that Mariam did not need to shoulder the financial burden alone. “That took away the worry about being able to afford the next couple of months, knowing we won’t have to struggle for a while.”

Your donation today will:

– Cover the cost of preventative care, including deworming, de-fleaing and vaccinations, to ensure that frequent changeover within the facility does not lead to zoonotic disease issues.
– Ensure that cats, dogs and small animals experiencing experiencing urgent medical issues will receive the veterinary treatment they need.
– Positively impact the lives of vulnerable women and pets by providing a financial safety net and the care and support they need in order to access safe housing. 

Thank you for your support!